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Available Heat Pump Rebates for BC Residents



  • Federal Greener Homes Grant:

    Up to $5,000 The federal government’s Greener Homes Grant provides between $2,500 and $5,000 toward heat pump installations. The maximum grant is for a qualifying “cold climate heat pump” that can meet your home’s heating needs even at temperatures well below freezing. The $2,500 and $4,000 rebates have slightly lower efficiency requirements.

  • CleanBC and BC Hydro rebates:

    Save up to $6,000 more. Systems that qualify for the Greener Homes Grant will almost always qualify for the $3,000 CleanBC rebate. Plus, if your home uses electricity from BC Hydro, they’ll add another $3,000 to your rebate. That means up to $11,000 in rebates are available, which in some cases can pay for more than half of a heat pump installation.


Eligibility For The Rebate


-You must currently have a residential account with BC Hydro

-Your home must be heated with natural gas, oil or propane

-The heat pump must become the primary heating system of the home.

-Systems powered by fossil fuels must be decommissioned or removed (proof will be required)

-Your invoice must be dated September 28, 2021 or later and you have six months to apply for the rebate

-You must meet the eligibility requirements

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